When Pastor Jay Burford was 14 years old he gave his life to Christ.  He recalls walking down the aisle, at the church his grandparents helped to found, and hearing God’s gentle voice quietly speak to him and say, “Son, later on in your life we are going to do big things.”

Pastor Jay went on to marry his high school sweetheart, Debbie, and have three children, Amy, Mindy, & Joshua.  He continued steadfast in his walk with the Lord. He was a deacon, a Sunday School teacher, he occasionally preached and sang solos for the choir, and served on numerous church committees.  He thought to himself that certainly all of this was what the Lord intended by “big things.”

However, God had different and bigger plans, as our God does quite often for those who are willing.  He was calling Jay & Debbie and their family into full-time ministry; he was calling them to leave what they knew and were comfortable with and to step out in faith in the stormy waters.  Those stormy waters involved leaving the church where their entire family had been baptized and planting a new church in the community to reach the lost and the brokenhearted.  Family and friends deserted them.  People questioned their sanity.  Yet through it all their eyes never left Jesus and they were determined to follow the call that Pastor Jay knew was an answer to what God told him when he was 14 years old.

Fellowship Community Church was born in living rooms and around restaurant tables.  It grew from one family to five families to ten families and through miracle after miracle FCC was able to construct a meeting place.  Pastor Jay had been driving past the hill where FCC now sits all of his life and he felt God’s calling to put a church building there.  The land was 24 hours away from being repossessed by the bank, which would have made it complicated to purchase.  After speaking to his mother, she called him back and said her neighbor, Mr. Howard, who had never met Jay, wanted to purchase the land for the church.  The family’s home and other  property was saved from foreclosure and God, through his willing servant, Mr. Howard, had just provided the land for His people to worship Him on!

Mr. Howard was obedient again and without even knowing that the bank accounts were empty and the builder need to be paid, he sent a check for $25,000.00 – the exact amount the church needed! THE LORD FUNDS WHAT HE FAVORS!

After several years, the church outgrew the original building and was blessed to be able to build a new sanctuary and classroom facility.  Yet our mission remains the same as it did when the Fellowship Community Church met in living rooms and sang along to CD players – glorify God in all we do and to go out into all the world and tell others of the love of Jesus!