Why Small Groups?

FCC is a church of Small Groups! We believe that healing begins with relationships formed in smaller groups of people with like interests!  Some churches meet on Sunday and Wednesday nights for additional services that work for their church culture.  At FCC, we know that as we grow larger, it can sometimes be difficult to make connections and feel that sense of "family" environment.  That's where Small Groups come in.  Our desire is to see relationships form as we learn together to love and live like Jesus.  Small Groups are our way of being the church on an intimate level just as Jesus did with His disciples.  Everyone has a place in the family of God; now is your chance to find yours. Let’s do life together!
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What is a Small Group?
At Fellowship, there are opportunities each Spring, Summer, and Fall for anyone to jump into a group at any time.  Our groups can range from in-depth Bible studies to sports!  Do you like to cook?  Sew?  Maybe you have the gift of working on car motors!  Perhaps you have a skill set that you would like to share with others who desire to learn?  There are others like you at FCC and while they may share your hobby interests they also share another interest.....Jesus Christ!  Small Groups allow you to connect with those people, learn what makes them tick, and share the common faith you have together in Christ.  And just as iron sharpens iron, one man sharpens another!  Let's grow together and do life together!

If you desire to lead a Small Group download an application today!